Template and Formatting

Below is a template version that displays general formatting guidelines for contribution. Please ensure that your materials adhere to these guidelines before submitting them.

A google document version is available to view here: Template Document

Positive Psychology Topic Title [Heading 2]

Before You Read [Bolded, Italicized, 14 pt font]

[Include appropriate pre-reading activities. These may include but are not limited to brainstorming activities, discussion questions, previewing, predicting, scanning, vocabulary activities, strategy building, fluency tips, etc.]



Read the following passage/article/story from _______.

Title of passage [Heading 2]

[Reading passage in original text format]

Word count: #

Time: ______

WPM: ______

Text adapted from: [insert link if text is taken from another source, 8 pt font]

After You Read


Answer the questions:

[Include 5-8 multiple choice, 3 distractors, questions should target learning outcomes according to the desired level. Refer to the Guidelines Page for more information on the types of appropriate tasks]

  1. What is the main idea of this passage?
    1. answer one
    2. answer two
    3. answer three
    4. answer four


[Insert questions to discuss about the positive psychology topic, additional materials, etc]

  1. Add questions and prompts using numbers. 


[Critical thinking, analyzing, and evaluating sections could be included here]


[Include any activities or discussions that can be used later in the week]

*Teacher’s Note:

Comprehension Questions: Answers

  1. a
  2. b
  3. c
  4. d


This text is useful for:


This text is useful for:

[Times New Roman Font, 12 pt for regular text, 14 pt for subsections, 16 pt for titles in Heading 2, 8 pt for text url links–please include url links for all media]

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