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    A heartfelt thank you and acknowledgment to all the people that helped and supported me by creating lesson plans, brainstorming, editing, and organizing the content of this book. 

    Kelly Woods 
    Claudia Mencarelli 
    Maria Summers
    Allison Baker 
    Dani Orgeta 
    Carolee Rogers 
    Mandy Case 
    Amy McDonald 
    Estelle Bookwalter 
    Jessica Barker 
    Suzanne Rice 
    Shannon Rindlisbacher 
    Kayue Chan
    Lauren Smith 
    Joclyn Ward
    Corinne Phillips  

    An extra special thank you to my committee for coming up with this idea, giving feedback, and supporting me through this journey.  

    Dr. Dan Dewey 
    Dr. Ben McMurry 
    Dr. Matt Baker 

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