High Quality

High Quality


Not all works are created equal, and readers are the ultimate judges of whether a work is of high quality. High-quality works have been consistently rated by readers as being of high or very high quality.


A work is considered high-quality if its readers have consistently given it an average rating of 3.5 or higher (on a 5-point quality scale).


BIO 375: Genetics and Molecular Biology

BIO 461 Principles of Physiology

Learning MySQL By Example

Book cover for Learning MySQL By Example
This book covers the basics of MySQL. It includes two sample databases that you can load into your local MySQL instance and try the examples for yourself. In a future edition, the following items will be added. - Information on SQL database design - An explanation of the three types of table relationships and when each should be used - Screencasts that will walk you thought the SQL concepts that are discussed