INTRODUCTION TO BLOOD, STRUCTURE AND FUNCTION AND BREAKDOWNFunctions of BloodComposition of BloodHematopoiesisRed Blood CellsHemoglobinErythropoiesisBreaking Down Red Blood CellsWhite Blood Cells and PlateletsHEMOSTASIS Vascular SpasmPlatelet PlugClotting (Coagulation) CascadeClot Retraction and FibrinolysisBlood Clot RegulationBLOOD TYPINGBlood Antigens and AntibodiesABO Blood Group SystemRh Blood Group SystemHemolytic Disease of the NewbornBLOOD VESSEL STRUCTURE AND ATHEROSCLEROSIS Arteries and VeinsPortal SystemCapillariesAtherosclerosisCAPILLARY EXCHANGEEdemaBLOOD PRESSURE REGULATION AND SHOCKBlood Pressure ExplainedShort-Term Regulation2.6.3 - Long-Term RegulationShock

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