Module 3.0

Cardiovascular System

Structure of the HeartChambers and CirculationCardiac Cell Action PotentialsAction Potentials in Cardiac Muscle CellsAction Potentials in Cardiac Autorhythmic cellsCellular Mechanisms of Inotropy and ChronotropyElectrophysiology of Heart MuscleHeart Conduction SystemElectrocardiogram (ECG)Abnormal ECG - Current of InjuryThe Cardiac CycleCardiac cycleCardiac Measurements and Pressure Volume LoopsBlood vessels and Blood PressureArteries and VeinsCapillariesBlood Pressure Regulation and ShockCapillary ExchangeMyogenic and Paracrine Regulation of Vasoconstriction and VasodilationBloodComposition of BloodHematopoeisisBreaking Down Red Blood CellsHemostasis

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