Module 4.0

Urinary and Respiratory Systems

Function and Structure of the KidneyUrinary System FunctionFunctional Anatomy of the Urinary SystemThe Nephron: Functional Unit of the KidneyThe Renal Corpuscle: Bowman's CapsulePhysiology of Urine ProductionFiltrationRenal ClearanceTubular ReabsorptionUrine Concentration and DilutionHormonal Regulation of Urine ProductionAcid/Base BalanceBuffersAcid/Base DisturbancesThe Respiratory SystemRespiratory System Structure and FunctionRespiratory MembraneRespiratory pressures and Inspriation/ExpirationAlveoli and SurfactantPneumothoraxPressure-Volume Loops and the Work of BreathingGas Exchange and TransportGas LawsPartial Pressure Gradients in the LungAlveolar Gas EquationOxygen and Carbon Dioxide Transport in the BloodAlveolar VentilationVentilation/Perfusion RatioChronic Bronchitis and EmphysemaRespiratory Control by the Medulla OblongataChemicals that Regulate Ventilation

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