• Module 1.0. Homeostasis, Membranes, Electrophysiology and ANS
  • Module 2.0. Skeletal Muscle and Special Senses
  • Module 3.0. Cardiovascular System
  • Module 4.0. Urinary and Respiratory Systems
  • Module 5.0. Digestive, Endocrine and Reproductive Systems
  • Appendix A. Gender
  • Appendix B. The Placebo Effect
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  • Module 2.0

    Skeletal Muscle and Special Senses

    Structural Organization of Skeletal MuscleNeuromuscular Junction, Excitation-Contraction CouplingMuscle Contractures and CrampsWhole Muscle Contraction, Fiber Type, Fatigue and Muscle PharmacologyMotor UnitsFactors that Influence the Force of ContractionEnergy Source for Muscle ContractionSkeletal Muscle Fiber TypesFatigueMuscle PharmacologySmooth MuscleSmooth Muscle ContractionControl of Body MovementVoluntary Control of MuscleReflexesTaste and SmellTasteThe Sense of SmellVisionStructure of the EyeFocusing Light on the RetinaConverting Light to Action PotentialsThe RetinaPhototransductionReceptive FieldsHearing and EquilibriumThe Nature of SoundThe Hearing ApparatusSound Vibrations to Action PotentialsThe Sense of Balance and Equilibrium

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