Clinical (CA)

2022 Fall

Kaden Craner

Internship Description

Industry: Healthcare

Company: Mee Memorial Hospital And Physical Therapy Clinic

Location: King City, California

Semester: 2022 Fall

Paid/unpaid: Unknown 

Found: Family Networking

Summary: During my internship, I had the opportunity to shadow all the therapists and observe their interactions with patients. Later on, I assisted in teaching patients various therapeutic exercises. Additionally, I provided support to the physical therapy team by keeping things clean and ensuring patient satisfaction. While I was able to help alleviate some of their workload, I feel that I gained an immense amount of knowledge from the experience.

2022 Summer

Bryon Veirs

Internship Description

Industry: Healthcare

Company: RCMC Medical Center

Location: Los Angeles, California

Semester: 2022 Summer

Paid/unpaid: Unknown 

Found: Networking

Summary: For my internship, I had the opportunity to work at CMC Medical Center, a clinic that specializes in medical weight loss and also offers chiropractic services. As an intern, my primary role was serving as a medical scribe for the medical professionals on site. I worked with both chiropractors and medical doctors involved in weight loss programs, as well as nurse practitioners who were part of the team.

2021 Spring

Ryan Burnham

Internship Description

Industry: Podiatry

Company: Podiatry Office (not specified)

Location: Modesto ( remote), California

Semester: 2021 Spring

Paid/unpaid: Unknown 

Summary: I did a remote internship data entry for the physician out there to be board certified and also did research for the clinical office, for supplies and machinery to improve the office.

Fall 2020

Kaelin Ruth

Internship Description

Industry: Dentistry

Company: David Goodwill DDS

Location: Napa, California

Semester: Fall 2020

Paid/unpaid: Unknown 

Summary: A denstistry in Napa, California

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