Clinical ( MO)

2021 Fall

Lucy Roisum

Internship Description

Industry: Hospital and Healthcare

Company: Riverside Dermatology and Spa

Location: Hannibal, Missouri

Semester: 2021 Fall

Paid/unpaid: Unknown

Summary: During my internship, I served as the intermediary between the patients and the healthcare providers. Whenever patients had questions or concerns, they would approach me first. If I couldn't provide them with an answer, I would consult the doctors, nurses, or other relevant staff members and then relay the information back to the patients. Additionally, I assisted with various tasks such as scheduling appointments, managing check-ins and payments, and even contacting patients with biopsy results. In cases where the results were positive, I would discuss treatment options with the patients and help them make necessary arrangements, including scheduling surgeries and addressing pre-op questions.

2020 Fall

Leidy Morera

Internship Description

Industry: Medical

Company: Cameron Reginal Medical Center

Location:  Cameron, Missouri

Semester: 2020 Fall

Paid/unpaid: Unknown


They  offer  both  inpatient and  outpatient  healthcare into  the  restaurants  or  how the  rural  Northwest  Missouri. They  also  have  18  satellite  clinics and  the  five  county  area. And  they  also  provide  some  care. Hospice  is  a  really  good  clinic. So  they  gave  me  the  opportunity  to start  into  COVID  screening  table. And  what  I  did  here  while  I  said  I will  take  temperatures  and  l  will check  the  people  with they  were  exposed  to  COVID  or diagnosed  with  COVID  or had  any  of  the  symptoms.

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