Clinical (CO)

2023 Winter

2020 Fall

James Christiansen

Internship Description

Industry: Dentistry

Company: Dentist Office (company unspecified)

Location:  Centennial, Colorado

Semester: 2020 Fall

Paid/unpaid: Unknown


During my internship at a dental office, I had the opportunity to work with a friendly and supportive team. The dentists stood out for their excellent communication skills with patients, and I learned the importance of maintaining professionalism and confidentiality. Having a good office manager was crucial for smooth operations, and I gained insights into respecting staff time and promptly attending to patient needs. Overall, this internship provided valuable lessons in the dental field.

2020 Spring

James Christiansen


Internship Description

Industry: Health

Company: Christiansen Dental

Location: Centennial, Colorado

Semester: 2020 Spring

Paid/unpaid: unknown

Found: Ziprecuiter 


Those  signs  are  there  because patients  were  not  allowed  to  enter unless  until  they  are  screened. Ask  certain  questions, questions  about  their  health. And  then  over  on  the  right  we have  a  log  of  all  of  our  temperatures that  we  would  take  each  morning and  after  lunch  just to  keep  a  record  of  our  health. 

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