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    2020 Spring

    Jose Santana

    Internship Description

    Industry: Hospitals & Clinics, Healthcare 

    Company: South Carolina Oncology

    Location: Columbia, South Carolina 

    Semester: 2020 Spring

    Paid/unpaid: Unknown

    Found: Looking up Medical practices in Columbia, South Carolina


    Patients  receiving  any  kind  of  treatment, whether  it  be  chemotherapy, radiation  therapy, or  gynecological  cancer  treatment, will  have  their  blood drawn  by  a  phlebotomist. This  has  done  to  verify  that  their  bodies are  responding  to  the  medication  properly. The  patient  is  healthy  enough to  start  their  treatment  for  the  day. After  labs  are  done  on  their  blood. It  is  my  duty  as  a  medical  assistant to  take  the  patient's  vitals. This  includes  their  weight, their  blood  pressure,  and  heart  rate. This  is  one  of the  most  important  duties  I  have. 

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