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  • Lab Technician (CA)

    2023 Winter

    Hector Heredia

    Internship Description

    Industry: Healthcare

    Company: Shriners Children Hospital

    Location: Sacramento, California

    Semester: 2023 WInter

    Paid/unpaid: Unpaid

    Summary: They studied the question of how does that actually donate five lipoxygenase affect multiple sclerosis. And born here, I was able to help them by taking some pictures of mice and winning tissue and doing other procedures such as chemistry. As they were collecting data. Some of the lessons that I learned, how to communicate with the PI and the importance of doing so.

    2022 Winter

    Ziheng Shan

    Internship Description

    Industry: Healthcare

    Company: UC Davis Mind instiute

    Location: Sacramento, California

    Semester: 2022 Winter

    Paid/unpaid: Unknown 

    Summary: For my internship, I joined the Doctrine Nocturnes group at the UC Davis Mind Institute. Our main focus is to investigate how the brain develops and changes over time. Specifically, my role involves mapping Michael peers, which means labeling specific cell types called microglia in patient brain images. By tracking the behavior of microglia during this process, we can gain insights into the brain's development. This work comes with its own set of challenges, such as finding a place to rent and effectively communicating with our research partners. It also requires knowledge of various tools, such as live larvae and a new microscope. However, it's not just about having access to new tools; it's important to know how to use them effectively. Overcoming these challenges and learning how to utilize the tools has been a valuable part of the experience.

    Fall 2020

    Adam Taylor

    Internship Description


    Company: Lander Veterinary Clinic

    Location: Turlock, California 

    Semester: 202 Fall

    Paid/unpaid: Unknown

    Summary: I  got  an  internship  thrill is  called  lander  veterinary  clinic. And  they  are  an  ordinary  that  clinic  that has  decided  to  take on  side  projects  through  IVF. Ivf,  which  stands  for  in  vitro  fertilization, is  a  very  well-known  procedure, especially  in  humans,  but  it  is actually  pretty  widely  used in  animals  as  well. This  lab,  particularly  focused bovine  and  tried  to  ensure that  farmers  can  have the  best  genetics  for  their  cows. And  I  got  to  help  with many  projects  ranging from  the  fertilization  of oocytes  and  cleaning  oocytes  and prepping  media  for  this  entire  IVF  process, all  the  way  down  through freezing  the  embryos  that  were made  and  preparing  embryos to  be  transferred  into  cows.

    Jenine Lopez

    Internship Description

    Industry: Medical

    Company: Adam Labs

    Location: San Jose, California

    Semester: 2020 Spring

    Paid/unpaid: Unknown

    Found: Family

    Summary: Adam  Labs  provides environmental  health  hazard  assessment. My  responsibilities  included  PCM, sample  prep,  sample  analysis,  and  data  entry. 

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