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  • Lab Technician (TX)

    2021 Fall

    Brandon Potter

    Internship Description

    Industry: Healthcare

    Company: CVS Health

    Location: Helotes , Texas

    Semester: 2021 Fall

    Paid/unpaid: Unknown

    Summary: For my internship, I had the privilege of working with CVS Health. Their primary mission was to enhance the overall health of the local community by reducing costs and helping individuals navigate the healthcare system. My role at CVS Health was as a pharmacy technician, where I assisted the pharmacist with various daily tasks. These responsibilities included managing pharmacy inventory, inputting patient prescriptions, working with patients and their insurance providers, and conducting COVID PCR tests. Each patient had unique financial and health backgrounds, making every interaction different and interesting.

    2020 Summer

    Bryan Sanders

    Internship Description

    Industry: Pharmaceuticals

    Company: Antech Diagnostics

    Location: Irving, Texas

    Semester: 2020 Summer

    Paid/unpaid: Unknown

    Found: Indeed

    Summary: During my internship at Antech Diagnostics, a veterinary diagnostic laboratory, I had the opportunity to contribute to the accurate assessment of pet and animal health. My responsibilities included delivering samples to different departments to ensure proper testing and preventing cross-contamination. Additionally, I assisted the laboratory chemist in the chemistry department by centrifuging and banking samples, as well as monitoring and maintaining the test machines.

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