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    2023 Winter

    Sofia Schieb

    Internship Description

    Industry: Agriculture and Dairy

    Company: Necternal

    Location:  Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Semester: 2023 Winter

    Paid/unpaid: Unknown


    I'm doing two research studies. We did one on rats with folic acid and we gave them Parkinson's and then both ic acid to see the benefits that phosphoric acid has. One I'm doing right now and with some other students is we are recruiting individuals for folic acid to see the effects that it has on them, whether or not IT benefits or it doesn't benefit and helps them in their health.

    2022 Summer

    Allison Campell

    Internship Description

    Industry: Aquarims, zoos and botanical gardens

    Company: Boise Zoo

    Location:  Boise, Idaho

    Semester: 2022 Summer

    Paid/unpaid: Unknown

    Found: Boise Zoo Website


    During my internship, I participated in various animal care activities, such as cleaning exhibits, preparing animal diets, providing enrichment, and assisting with training. Additionally, I had to create a portfolio, deliver three public presentations on a chosen animal (I chose the sand cat), and complete a research essay on snow leopards, which was an approved project. I also had the opportunity to participate in three encounters at the Dubois Zoo, which aimed to raise money for conservation. Lastly, I took part in a mock interview for the Zookeeper position.

    2021 Summer

    Kenna Macbeth

    Internship Description

    Industry: Agriculture

    Company: United Farms

    Location:  Rigby, Idaho

    Semester: 2021 Summer

    Paid/unpaid: Unknown

    Found: Family Connection

    Summary: My role primarily involved assisting with the documentation and software required for the export process. Additionally, a significant part of my internship focused on assessing the grade and quality of the hay being shipped. I found this experience to be incredibly enjoyable and rewarding.

    2021 Spring

    Orion Drummond

    Internship Description

    Industry: Education

    Company: University of Idaho

    Location:  Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Semester: 2021 Spring

    Paid/unpaid: Unknown

    Found: Brother Higginbotham

    Summary: At the beginning of the internship, we planted potatoes with different treatments and coverings to conduct various experiments. After that, I had the opportunity to start my own project, which involved using a microscope to count, photograph, and identify aphids. I communicated with an expert in the field by sending him samples in small vials, and we used a dichotomous key to determine the species of the aphids.

    2021 Winter

    2020 Fall

    2020 Spring

    B John VanSlochteren

    Internship Description

    Industry: Government

    Company: Henry Lake

    Location: Island Park, Idaho

    Semester: 2020 Spring

    Paid/unpaid: Unknown


    What  I  do  is  I  manifestation  on the  state  docs  and  I inspect  all  watercraft  that  comes  through. My  job  title  is  public  nuisance  technician. And  what  I  do  is  I  inspect all  watercraft  for  invasive  species

    Nick Jensen

    Internship Description

    Industry: Government

    Company: Fremont County 

    Location: St. Anthony, Idaho 

    Semester: 2020 Spring 

    Paid/unpaid: Paid

    Found: Through networking


    I've  actually  I really  enjoyed  this  job  because  I  get  to  see a  lot  of  the  ranches and  farms  that  are  all around  this  region  of  Idaho. I  especially  enjoyed  going  up to  the  island  Park  area and  seeing  all  the  different  plants  and animals  that  are  located  up  there.

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