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Cell Referencing and Anchoring

Figure 1

Figure 1Time Saver

This semester, we are going to be watching a lot of videos. Before we get started in Excel, let’s take a few minutes to learn how to use the video player to the best of its capabilities, as well as how to use it in conjunction with Excel.

What color is the sky?

  1. Red
  2. Blue
  3. Yellow

Many of you already know how to use these embedded video players, but the following handful of tips will be very useful to you as you work with Excel. If you follow these tips, you may save hours of time over the course of this semester. 

Typically, when we see a video, we would hit the play button or make it full screen. Instead of doing that, complete the following.

  1. Right click on the Play button in the center.
  2. Choose Open Link in New Tab or Open Link in New Window.
    1. The video will open on its own page.

Control Bar

When you push play, you can then hit the same button and push pause. The volume control is the button to the right, and can be adjusted up or down. Directly beside it is the minute counter. This tells you how many minutes there are and how many minutes have passed in the video. On the right hand side, the arrows represent the full screen mode. If you select full screen, it will take up the whole screen. Push Escape on your keyboard to exit full screen. (See Figure 01 for reference.)

Figure 01

There is a closed captioning (CC) button on the left side of the control bar. If you would like, you can turn closed captioning on to English. When you do that, the text of the video will be shown at the bottom as the video is progressing. You can turn closed captioning off by selecting the CC button and then selecting Off

  1. Hey
    1. yes

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