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    Estimating Basics

    What is Construction Estimating?

    Construction estimating is the process of identifying and providing an accurate projection of all costs associated with a specific construction process or project. These costs include the various materials, permits, labor, taxes, and administrative overhead associated with a project. Simple mathematical processes and logic are the building blocks that make up the complex estimates used by construction firms.

    Why is Construction Estimating Needed?

    The ultimate goal of any business, including those in the construction industry, is to be profitable. Profit is calculated by subtracting the costs of your services from the fee you charge your clients. The more accurate the projection, the easier it is for a construction company to know what to charge their clients.

    Articles in the Estimating Basics Unit

    The following articles and resources cover all the content required for the Estimating Basics unit.

    Construction-specific MathEstimate PlanningHow to Complete Materials EstimatesHow to Complete Labor Estimates Using the NCE

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