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    What does the Tools & Equipment Estimate Include?

    Tools and equipment are vital assets required for a construction company to complete their work. The cost to acquire, operate, and maintain tools and equipment must be accounted for when completing an estimate for a project bid.

    What to Enter in the Tools & Equip Tab

    The company accountant has given you the following numbers to enter in the Tools & Equip tab of the Estimating Workbook based on a forecast completed earlier.

    In the Total Tools column (B), add the following values for each month:

    Table of Monthly Tool Figures to Enter
    Month Amount
    January 250
    February $350
    March $450
    April $850
    May $700
    June $350
    July $350
    August $350
    September $450
    October $280
    November $350
    December $350

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