Crutch Fitting

Crutches are used to rest an injured lower extremity and can be used non-weight bearing or partially weight bearing. There should be about 3 fingers width between the top of the crutches and the armpit. The hand brace should be in a position (usually at the crease of the wrist) that allows 20-30° of flexion at the elbow. When walking with crutches, the crutches should move with the injured leg. When using the stairs, the athlete should put the uninjured extremity first when going up the stairs, and the injured leg goes first when walking down the stairs.

One Crutch

Place the crutch under the arm opposite your weaker leg (see figure above). Move the crutch forward and step with your weaker leg at the same time. Keep the crutch close to your body for support and balance (see figure at left). Support your weight on both your crutch and your weaker leg.

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