Hypervolt User Guide

To use:

  1. Switch to on.
  2. Adjust speed. Lowest speed at 9 o’clock position and highest at 12 o’clock.
    1. Turn the dial to adjust speed.
  3. To change head attachment, turn off the hypervolt, pull current head directly out and insert new head directly into the opening while pushing firmly. (for fork attachment, align tab on the fork with the groove on the opening and push firmly).
  4. Use for 60 seconds per region of space being treated, 5-8 minutes total.
  5. To charge, switch to off and plug into the charging cord. This is only needed when the LED band turns yellow or red. The LED band will turn green when fully charged. Make sure to unplug after charging is complete. **Do NOT charge overnight**
  6. Use a damp towel/virex to wipe down Hypervolt once a week.

Physiological effects:

Indications: Contraindications:
Hypervolt 2 Pro

Delivers targeted pulses of pressure to care for muscles, relieve tension, provide a relaxing massage, accelerate warm-up and recovery, and help maintain flexibility and range of motion.

Muscle tension

Poor circulation

Bony areas

Pain or extreme discomfort

Bruising, contusions, rashes, or irritated/injured skin

*contraindicated conditions*

Pregnancy, diabetes, pacemakers, recent surgery,epilepsy or migraines, herniated discs, spondylolisthesis (spondylosis or spondylolysis), joint replacements.

***DO NOT***

Ball Attachment:

Larger muscle groups and a general starting attachment.

Bullet Attachment:

Trigger points found in hips, glutes, trapezius muscles, deltoids and other complex muscle groups.

Fork Attachment:

Long muscles such as calves, forearms, biceps and ankles/achilles.

Cushion Attachment:

Small and sensitive areas such as wrists, ankles, knees and around the neck.

Flat Attachment:

Larger surface areas such as quads, hamstrings, back and chest.

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