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  • Kinesio Tape

    Kinesio tape specifics:

    Kinesio tape application:

    1. Cleanse area (shave if necessary)
    2. Prep skin with alcohol, ensure that athlete is shaven
    3. Let area dry or pat dry with gauze
    4. Round edges of KT tape
    5. Rip anchors on both ends of the tape
    6. Consider amount of stretch
    7. Apply medial stretched portion to area, ensure there are no wrinkles
    8. Adhere anchors with no stretch on either side
    9. Apply heat either with hot pack, rock sauce, or friction

    KT tape stretch rule of thumb:

    0% - Anchors

    15-25% - Bruising and edema

    25-75% - Support

    Shin Splints Kinesio:

    Kinesio Tape is used to relieve pressure and strains on the tissue. Shin splints can be on the medial or lateral aspect of the tibia. Apply the tape vertically over the painful area with stretch. A second piece of tape can be applied horizontally with no stretch over a very painful area.

    Patella Tendon Kinesio:

    With the athlete’s knee flexed, apply the center of the KT Tape just below the patella with stretch and slightly curve the tape around the patella. Apply the anchors around the patella with no stretch.

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