Neutral Therapy Notes

Light Therapy: Light therapy is used to accelerate mitochondrial production of Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP) which promotes healing. The three common types of light used in therapy are Red light, Infrared light, and Blue light. Red and infrared light can improve circulation, cellular regeneration, or muscular reeducation. Blue light is used primarily for fungicidal and bactericidal purposes. When Blue light is used, it should always be followed by a treatment of Red and Infrared light for optimization of healing.

Electrical Stimulation: “E-Stim” is a modality that uses electrical impulses to block the pain signals from the brain to the injured extremity. It is primarily used as an analgesic. The most common E-Stim to be used in the Sports Medicine clinic is Interferential currents. To set up for IFC the leads for the E-Stim machine must make an “X” around the injured area crisscrossing the red with the black in order to properly benefit the injured athlete. No pads should be placed on bony areas or open wounds.

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