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  • SOAP Notes

    SOAP is an acronym used in the recording process of injury evaluation and treatment, often in a secondary assessment or clinical setting. It stands for Subjective, Objective, Action, and Plan.

    Subjective: Collection of the athlete’s history, as well as the mechanism of injury

    Objective: Pertains to the observations, palpations, and special tests.

    Common Observations:

    Swelling/Edema Pallor/Erythema Deformity Bruising

    Positive fever test Gait

    Action: What treatment is going to be performed on the athlete at that immediate moment, as well as an assessment of what the pathology could be based upon the Subjective and Objective information.

    Plan: What is to be done with the athlete long term, including short and long-term goals. It can also include specifics of rehab information given to the athlete as well as details of patient specific, effective rehabilitation techniques.

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