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    Bump Test

    Testing for: Fractures of the lower leg or other pathologies of the Tibia and Fibula

    Positive test: Pain

    Mechanics: Have the patient long sit and position their foot in dorsiflexion. With one hand, ensure that the patient’s foot is fully dorsiflexed. With the other, bump the calcaneus softly with the heel of your hand. If no pain is elicited, try once more with more pressure.

    Anterior Drawer Test

    Testing for: Anterior Talofibular ligament sprain or tear

    Positive test: The calcaneous “sliding” forward and pain over the anterior Talofibular ligament.

    Mechanics: With patient long sitting, ankle should be in neutral position. Stabilize distal part of leg with one hand and

    apply an anterior force to the heel with the other hand. Ensure stabilizing hand is not covering the Anterior Talofibular ligament.

    Talar Tilt Test

    Testing for: A sprain the Calcaneofibular ligament.

    Positive test: Hypermobility in inversion and pain over the calcaneofibular ligament.

    Mechanics: Examiner stabilizes the medial aspect of the distal part of leg, just proximal to medial malleolus, with one hand and applies an inversion force slowly to the hind foot with the other hand.

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