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  • Terminology

    Abduction: Movement away from the midline of the body

    Acute: Sudden onset of symptoms

    Adduction: Movement toward the midline of the body

    Analgesic: Remedy that relieves or lessens pain

    Anterior: Referring to or towards the front of the body

    Chronic: Continuous and repetitive symptoms

    Concentric: A type of muscle contraction where the muscle belly shortens

    Contralateral: Referring to the opposite side of a specific structure

    Deep: Away from or below the surface

    Dorsal:On or relating to the upper side or back

    Distal: Farther away from a point of reference or attachment

    Edema: Excess of fluid collection in tissue

    Eversion: To turn outward

    Extension: Straightening movement that increases the angle between body parts

    Flexion: Bending movement that decreases the angle between body parts

    Inferior: Below

    Inversion: To turn inward

    Ipsilateral: Referring to the same side as a specific structure

    Isometrics: Physical exercises in which muscles are caused to act against each other or against a fixed

    Lateral: Farther from the midline of the body

    Medial: Close to the midline of the body

    Posterior: Referring to or towards the back of the body

    Prone: With the front surface down

    Proximal: Nearer to the point of reference or attachment

    Range of motion (R.O.M.): The full potential movement of a joint

    Sprains: Stretching or tearing of ligaments, which connect a bone to another bone

    Strains: Stretching or tearing of muscle or tendons, which connect muscle to bone

    Superficial: Toward, at, or pertaining to the surface

    Superior: Above

    Supine: With the front surface upward

    Ventral: Pertaining to the front, anterior, or belly

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