Thermotherapy Notes

Heat modalities:

Hot Pack: Hot packs are used to superficially heat an area. There are many reasons for superficially heating an area including bringing blood flow to a muscle so it can be stretched before activity. There are two main types of heat packs: cervical and standard.
Paraffin Bath: The paraffin bath is a heat modality that uses wax to cover extremities that cannot be heated with normal heating packs. After the extremity has been heated in the paraffin bath it is to be placed in a heat pad for 15 minutes to allow the heat to reach deeper into the injured area. Only return the wax to the paraffin bath if the athlete has washed their hands and does not have nail polish on.
Diathermy: Diathermy is a heat modality that uses electromagnetic waves to heat deep tissue to promote healing by increasing blood flow to the affected area. Diathermy is able to heat a larger surface area than ultrasound and does not need to be continually moved throughout the treatment.
Ultrasound: Ultrasound is a heat modality that uses acoustic vibrations to penetrate deep into the muscle and can increase blood flow. The ultrasound can be operated using 3 different frequencies. 1 Megahertz, which is to be used on deep areas, 2 Megahertz which is to be used on moderate areas, and 3 Megahertz which is to be used on more superficial areas.

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