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  • Wiihab

    Concussion rehab helps with cognitive response proprioception test. We clear week by week; to continue Wiihab progression the athlete’s scores must be brought to Jodi. Jodi will then clear the athlete to increase difficulty level.

    However, to start Wiihab the athlete must be cleared through Jodi before treatment begins.

    If at any time the athlete experiences any dizziness, confusion, irritability, and nausea Wiihab must be discontinued. After the athlete has completed Wiihab for the day, you must ask the athlete if they are experiencing any concussion symptoms such as dizziness, confusion, irritability, and nausea.

    This is a 5-week program.

    *Contraindications to using the Wiihab are sensitivity to light and sound.

    Progression and Wiihab scores must be documented on the Wiihab HOPS sheet presented

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