• Introduction
  • 1. How to Retrieve Data From a Single Table
  • 2. How to Retrieve Data from Multiple Tables
  • 3. Using Functions
  • 4. How to Insert, Update, Delete Data in Tables
  • 5. Summary Queries and Aggregate Functions
  • 6. Working With Subqueries
  • 7. SQL Views
  • 8. SQL Indexes
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  • 6.3

    Create a Duplicate Table From An Existing Table

    Create a Duplicate Table from an Existing Table with a Select Statement

    • It is often helpful to create a duplicate table from an existing table for testing purposes
    • You can combine the CREATE TABLE command with a select statement to create a duplicate of a table structure as well as the data in the table.

    Code Sample:

    1    USE world; 
    2    CREATE TABLE city_bak AS SELECT * FROM city;



    USE world;

    CREATE TABLE city_bak AS SELECT * FROM city;

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