The Instructional Psychology and Technology (IP&T) Department at Brigham Young University is a world leader in teaching and research in Blended Learning, Open Education, Instructional Design, and other areas. This volume is a collection of open-access articles written by faculty, students, alumni, and associates of the IP&T Department for the year 2021.

Graduate students in an Introduction to Open Education course taught by Dr. Royce Kimmons organized this volume and reformatted articles from their original publishing venues to showcase cutting-edge work. In addition, we have added new features to these articles to improve their quality and accessibility (e.g., text-to-speech).

By reorganizing these open educational resources into a single volume, we hope to provide a useful way for researchers and practitioners to gain information on how to more effectively teach, design, and learn with technology in both higher education and K-12 settings.

Student Editors

Student editors of this volume included the following:

Contributing BYU Faculty, Students, and Alumni

 Jamie JensenAbigail BoekwegBobbie SandbergBohdana AllmanDavid WileyDevin YoungErin MeasomEsther MichelaGove AllenHannah CallHillari BollardJacob RogersJacquelyn Claire JohnsonJason K. McDonaldJeff BattJered BorupJohanna ChanJohn HiltonJulie IrvineKenneth J. PlummerKrista GardnerLayne WestLeanna ArchambaultMelissa FranklinPeter J. RichRandall S. DaviesRichard E. WestRobert BodilyRoss LarsenRoyce KimmonsSeth BybeeStacie L. MasonStephen C. Yanchar

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