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    Dear EdTech Books Authors (including those on EquityPress and institutional sites),

    Thanks for all of your work in providing free resources to students over the past few years!

    As we're now coming to the 5th year of the existence of our platform, the time has come to make some long-necessary updates and changes to the system. I started building EdTech Books as a side project in 2018 and gradually added new features and functionality over time. As time has gone on, technologies have changed to the point that for the longevity of the platform, a massive update has been needed to ensure ongoing security, stability, and extended development.

    Over the last few months, I have not made any updates to the EdTech Books platform (which I informally dubbed version 2.0), because I've been focusing all of my efforts on building the next generation of the platform: version 3.0. As I've developed 3.0, I've been caught between the tension of giving users the most up-to-date version of the system (that may still have bugs and limited functionality) or to leave them with the old system, which is no longer being updated. For this reason, I've waited to release version 3.0 until I felt it had all of the core functionality necessary for readers to access the content that we all have come to rely on, but this also comes with the reality that the newest version may not have every editing feature provided in the previous.

    I've learned a lot with all of you over the past 5 years about what makes a good open publishing platform, and my goal is to incorporate all of these experiences into the new 3.0 version. Most of the changes in 3.0 are on the back-end and will be invisible to users. Though I am using some new interface libraries (e.g., Bootstrap 5.3) to make the experience better for everyone, the overall structure of the platform remains about the same.

    What Is Staying the Same

    All core content access and navigation is staying the same. This means that your links should all still work and that readers will be able to access your content as they always have.

    What May Be (Temporarily) Missing

    Some non-core features will be added gradually as I finish bug-testing them and transferring them to version 3.0. The anticipation, however, is that all valuable features of version 2.0 will be available in 3.0 by August 2023, accompanied by new version 3.0 features as well. Some of these features include the following:

    What Is Permanently Changing

    In this shift, some features that were not heavily used in 2.0 will be removed, and some approaches will be updated. Here is a list of changes to expect:

    What Is Coming in the Future

    One of the reasons for such a massive shift is that it allows us to plan better for the future and to add even greater features moving forward. Some of these features will include the following:

    Let Me Know What You Need

    As with any massive change, however, there may be growing pains. As you find things that are broken or features that you need, please log them on the EdTech Books Version 3.0 Feature Requests and Fixes document. This will cut down on emails and also allow everyone interested to see how things are progressing.

    Feature Requests and Fixes Form

    All the best,

    Royce Kimmons
    Founder, EdTech Books