Collaboration & The C3 Lab

The Collaboration Model

Two Tools to Achieve Collaboration Success:

Throughout Phases 1 - 4 of collaboration, C3 Lab Facilitators will have two tools that will move the team toward success:

  1. Soft Ground - In the C3 Lab, the facilitator can draw inspiration from Christ's Parable of the Sower to foster a productive environment. Just as the sower in the parable faces different types of ground, the facilitator encounters varied team dynamics and individual perspectives. Their role involves not only disseminating information but also assessing and cultivating the 'ground' of the team - the readiness, openness, and receptiveness of each member to new ideas and collaborative efforts. By recognizing and nurturing the 'softer ground,' or those areas within the team dynamic that are more receptive and open to growth and collaboration, the facilitator can guide the team towards more fruitful and effective outcomes. This approach underscores the facilitator's responsibility in creating an environment conducive to learning, growth, and meaningful collaboration.
  2. Unity in Purpose - In the C3 Lab, unity in purpose is crucial for progress, echoing Christ's teaching, "if ye are not one, ye are not mine." This unity is not just about agreement but a deep alignment in purpose and objectives. When issues arise within the team, they often stem from a misalignment in this shared purpose. By continually aligning and re-aligning with a unified vision, the team ensures that their efforts are cohesive and directed towards common goals. This unity, grounded in a collective commitment to the C3 Lab's mission, is the cornerstone of productive and successful collaboration.

Throughout the C3 process, ask yourself this question: Is the ground prepared? It is the role of every person on the team to call out whenever ground is not prepared and use the two tools above to make room for "Inspired Innovation." 

The sections that follow are designed to help you accomplish just that.

Phase I: Prepare the GroundPhase II: Plant Inspired SeedsPhase III: Nourish the TreePhase IV: Harvest the Fruit

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