• What is the C3 Lab?
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  • The Roles and Responsibilities of the C3 Lab
  • What is a C3 Facilitator?
  • Phase I: Prepare the Ground
  • Phase II: Plant Inspired Seeds
  • Phase III: Harvest the Fruit
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  • Phase I: Prepare the Ground

    As leaders within the C3 Lab, your role in establishing a solid foundation for effective collaboration is pivotal. This section will delve into three essential principles that lay the groundwork for cultivating a culture of collaboration, teamwork, and creativity. We believe that by following these principles, we can create an environment where we can work together to bring hope and peace to the world. As Christ taught us in the Bible, ‘Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God’ (Matthew 5:9). Similarly, in the Book of Mormon, we read that ‘the Lord God worketh not in darkness. He doeth not anything save it be for the benefit of the world; for he loveth the world’ (2 Nephi 26:23). We hope that by working together in this lab, we can follow Christ’s example and bring light to those around us, and share that light with our students in our courses. 

    1. Select the right team members: Ensuring that each role is filled with individuals who bring a diverse range of skills, perspectives, and experiences is crucial to the success of collaborative efforts. By carefully selecting team members, you can harness the power of collective intelligence and create a dynamic collaborative environment.

    1. Guiding Questions:

      1. Are all the stakeholders of the project represented by at least one member of the group? 

    2. Invite individual preparation: Encouraging all participants to come prepared with ideas, research, and a proactive mindset is vital. By setting clear expectations and providing resources for individual preparation, you empower team members to bring their best to the collaborative process, fostering a culture of engagement and accountability.

    1. Guiding Questions:

      1. Is each team member personally committed to love each team member and to be “100% responsible” for their own participation, assignments, and outcomes?

    3. Foster team preparation: Creating opportunities for team members to prepare collectively is equally important. By establishing platforms for communication, collaboration, and idea-sharing prior to collaborative sessions, you enable participants to build rapport, establish common goals, and develop a shared understanding of the project's objectives. This collective preparation enhances synergy and alignment within the team.

    1. Guiding Questions:

      1. Does each team member understand their roles and responsibilities?

      2.  have you decided as a group how you will Foster a culture of belonging, open sharing of potentially conflicting ideas, and seeking synergistic collaboration? 

    By adhering to these principles, the C3 Lab leadership team will pave the way for a supportive and dynamic environment where collaboration thrives, ultimately leading to exceptional course design outcomes.

    Meeting #1: The Key Three Meeting

    Purpose: The Key 3 Meeting serves as a crucial initial gathering of the C3 Lab facilitator, course lead, and instructional designer. Its primary objective is to lay the groundwork for effective collaboration, teamwork, and course design outcomes within the C3 Lab. During this meeting, the team will focus on several key purposes:

    By addressing these purposes in the Key 3 Meeting, the C3 Lab leadership team will establish a strong foundation for effective collaboration, teamwork, and course design outcomes. This meeting will set the stage for the successful execution of the C3 Lab, promoting a culture of innovation, shared responsibility, and collective achievement.

    C3 Kickoff Meeting

    Meeting Title: C3 Lab Kickoff Meeting – Inspiring Collaboration and Purpose


    The C3 Lab Kickoff Meeting marks the beginning of the C3 Lab where the full C3 Lab team comes together to establish a strong foundation for collaboration, set the team culture, and define the inspired purpose of the project. The meeting aims to accomplish the following purposes:

    1. Foster Connection and Collaboration:

    2. Establish Team Culture and Norms:

    3. Define the Inspired Purpose:

    4. Assign Roles and Responsibilities:

    5. Address Future Challenges and Celebrate Success:

    6. Reinforce the Team Culture:

    By addressing these purposes in the C3 Lab Kickoff Meeting, the team will establish a solid foundation for collaboration, align on the team culture and norms, define an inspired purpose, assign roles and responsibilities, and prepare for future challenges and successes. This meeting sets the stage for a cohesive and motivated team that will work synergistically to achieve the goals of the C3 Lab.

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