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  • What is a C3 Facilitator?
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  • Phase III: Harvest the Fruit
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  • What is a C3 Facilitator?

    Primary Objectives of the C3 Lab

    Your Role as C3 Faculty Facilitator

    Your primary role is to assist the Course Steward to accomplish his/her own goals and the goals of the C3 Lab. Ideally, the course steward takes the lead with decisions and products created by the team. "This person is a 'visionary/believer' (Jankowski & Slotnick, 2015, p. 93) who can influence others’ value for assessment."

    Your role is to 

    • Establish the vision for the C3 Lab.
    • Counsel together with the steward (align the goals of the steward with the goals of the C3 Lab)
    • Build the course steward's design, collaborative, and leadership skills
    • Organizing the work of the C3 Lab (Meeting invites, outlines, notes, assignments)
    • Push and encourage the course steward and C3 team to address the driving question(s) within each of the 11 C3 topics
    • Documenting the plans and decisions of the team in response to the C3 topics.
    What are the Tasks of the Facilitator?Ideas and Plans for Facilitators

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