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  • The Roles and Responsibilities of the C3 Lab

    A C3 Team is a group of BYU-Idaho faculty, with differing perspectives and opinions, who come together in scholarly work, driven by ‘inspired inquiry and innovation.’ The team will have access to gifts of the spirit as they collaborate, rethink their courses, and design innovative student experiences.

    Getting Started

    At the beginning of the C3 Lab the C3 team should review the roles below and discuss the strengths and interests of each team member as they relate to the goals of the team.

    Course Steward (team lead, 3 hours PDL)

    The Course Steward leads the C3 Team and is responsible for setting goals. Goals will be set for topics such as course design, course content, and quality experience for students. In addition, the Course Steward will act as a moderator, by listening to all perspectives. If there is ever a time when a consensus cannot be reached by the team, the steward will be the deciding voice. 

    C3 Facilitator

    Faculty team members are responsible for representing multiple perspectives to the C3 Team. They provide consultation, advice, and assistance to the Course Steward. It is hoped they will become experts and advocates for innovation and best practices. 

    Faculty Team (1-3 from Dept. / 1-2 cross-curricular)

    Faculty members who join a C3 team are eligible to use 1-3 hours of PDL for a C3 Lab. Faculty team members are expected to bring their own knowledge and teaching experience to contribute to the discussion, brainstorming, and production of course improvements. Here are a few of the activities these individuals will engage in: 

    Cross-curricular faculty

    Course designer

    The Course Designer is a resource the C3 team will rely upon for instructional design expertise, content creation, asset creation, and digital asset management. 


    Librarians can assist with the discovery of and access to course materials (textbook, books, videos, magazines or other periodicals, images, resource guides, copyright, & licensing). Librarians can also review/create/help scaffold research assignments and with any citation needs.

    Industry/Subject Matter Expert (SME)

    Industry Experts will represent current trends in the field/industry and keep course content relevant for current and future students. Industry experts may attend as few as 1-2 meetings or more. This will depend on the C3 team needs. 

    -Consider finding experts among Online Adjunct Faculty, recent graduates, former colleagues, or other connections that may have been acquired.

    Student Representatives

    Student representative(s) will represent the voices of students who may take the course in the future. They may provide a non-technical, non-professional perspective that should help faculty anticipate the challenges students may face in the course. 

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