Zone 2: Student Success

Topic 1: Proactive Intervention & Retention

Driving Question: What processes and strategies can we create to identify and proactively reach out to at-risk students and help them succeed?


As educators, our goals all aim toward helping students succeed.  However, not all students grasp concepts and information correctly the first time.  The sooner we can identify those students and apply intervention techniques, the higher the rate of success will be.  We need to make a conscious decision to include some of these interventions in our course. This will help us to be aware of all students from the beginning, not just as an afterthought when it may be too late to help.


Supplemental Questions

Topic 2: Assignment Structure

Driving Questions:

  1. How can we structure assignments and assessments in a way that:
    1. ...Helps students learn concepts they don't initially master?
    2. ...Interleaves and reinforces concepts and ideals throughout the semester?
    3. ...Promotes student mastery and retention of essential concepts?


Assignment structure should be laid out in a way that student learning is reinforced. Resources should be used that align with assessments and outcomes and help students learn the material and fulfill the various assignments. Innovation and differentiation can help provide unique outlooks on the material and accommodate students of varying backgrounds and skill sets. Consider a variety of techniques including team, project, and decision-based learning models to give your students an experience that will most closely resemble what they will encounter once they leave the classroom.  

Supplemental Questions

Topic 3: Additional Interventions (Choose your own)


 As educators, we know that students do not all learn in the same ways.  One instructional method or one intervention strategy will not reach all students.  The purpose of this section is to help you investigate and decide upon another strategy that would help students learn course content and find success in your subject area.

Choose and explore 1 or 2 Interventions or strategies below

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