Zone 3: Learning by Study & by Faith

Topic 1: Class Time

Driving Question: How can we help students use preparation time more effectively and create more accountability for preparation?


Class time should be used less for lecturing and more for students to think, write, and talk about concepts, all the while constructing their own understanding. Instructors should encourage active thought and discussion by calling on students and by using methods like think-pair-share, debate, case studies, etc.  The focus should be on fundamental principles, concepts that are most difficult to understand, and the most common misconceptions. Time for these classroom activities can be made available by moving the delivery of content to pre-class, preparation activities. Such preparation activities could be optimized for the greatest impact. Students need to be motivated and accountable for their preparation so that they will be ready for deep learning experiences in the classroom.

Supplemental Questions

Flipped Classroom

Use of Class Time

Topic 2: Active Learning

Driving Question: How can we more effectively align learning activities with the Learning Model and its principles, so that students are more active and less passive learners?


 Below you will find scholarship and questions to help guide discussion and implementation of the BYU-Idaho Learning Model.

Supplemental Questions


Teach One Another

Ponder and Prove

Topic 3: Learning by Faith

Driving Question: How can we help students approach learning in all classes as an act of faith?


As educators and mentors at Brigham Young University-Idaho, our purpose is to fulfill our stewardship to help students grow both spiritually and intellectually.


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