Zone 4: Transcending the Discipline

Topic 1: Institutional Learning Outcomes

Driving Question: How will the assignments and activities develop and assess the chosen institution's learning outcomes?

University Outcomes (ILOs)

  1. Students become Disciples of Jesus Christ as they believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and strive to follow Him. 
  2. Students become sound thinkers as they frame and solve problems using creative and critical thinking.
  3. Students become effective communicators as they develop and express ideas that are purposeful, organized, and clear.
  4. Students become skilled collaborators as they work effectively with others to accomplish a shared vision.

Supplemental Questions

Developing the ILO

Assessing the ILO

Topic 2: Relevance Beyond the Discipline

Driving Questions: 

  1. How can we make the course more relevant for students not majoring in the discipline?
  2. How can this course better encourage and support students’ development of their own discipleship?


Skills that can transcend courses, disciplines, and professions are meaningful and marketable skills students can use in many aspects of their lives. They can be “soft skills,” technical skills, or otherwise. BYU-Idaho has identified four Institutional-level outcomes that encapsulate many of the skills that we hope BYU-Idaho students develop:

Students at BYU-Idaho become:

  1. Disciples of Jesus Christ
  2. Sound Thinkers
  3. Effective Communicators
  4. Skilled Collaborators

The questions and resources below are designed to help you look at your course through this big-picture lens. 

Supplemental Questions

Transferable Skills

Career Exposure 


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