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    Exercise 1: Check your essay

    1. Does the introduction provide the general information a reader needs in order to understand the topic?
    2. Does the introduction end with an effective thesis? Does it match the style of the essay?
    3. Do each of the body paragraphs begin with an effective topic sentence?
    4. Are the body paragraphs sequenced in a logical order?
    5. Look at each body paragraph. Do the supporting sentences support the topic sentence?
    6. Look at each body paragraph. Are the supporting sentences sequenced in a logical order?
    7. Look at each body paragraph. Is there enough development? Are there more details or examples that would help the reader?
    8. Look at each body paragraph. Does the concluding sentence close the paragraph logically?
    9. Does the conclusion paragraph start by restating the thesis?
    10. Does the conclusion paragraph have a suggestion, prediction, or opinion at the end?

    Exercise 2: Peer review a body paragraph

    Look at one of your body paragraphs with a partner. Is there enough support? Is the paragraph unified?

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