Yoo Kyung Chang

Teachers College, Columbia University

Yoo Kyung Chang is a lecturer at the program of Communication, Media, and Learning Technologies Design (CMLTD), Teachers College, Columbia University. Her research and professional expertise lies in the design and development of technology to support and understand learning. Under the theoretical framework of self-regulated learning, her research interest lies in understanding how design of technology influences the cognitive, metacognitive, and affective behavior. Some of the current design research includes participatory game design, game for media literacy education, study of online media consumption, and blended learning for medical education. Yoo Kyung Chang received her Ph.D. from New York University where she developed and evaluated a Behavioral Measure of Metacognitive Behavior (BMMP). She has worked as a post-doctorate research fellow at New York Hall of Science designing and researching play as the framework for science learning. Yoo Kyung received her masters degree from Interactive Telecommunications Program at New York University, one of the most pioneering programs in media arts. Through her masters study and professional experience in the field of technology, Yoo Kyung firmly believes that the focus of our study should be on the human mind and behavior, not the technology itself.

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