Flights or A/B Testing

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Flights enable you to conduct A/B or comparative testing on your chapter contents. A chapter flight is a temporary copy of your chapter that your readers can be assigned to (either manually or automatically) so that you can compare reader behaviors based upon small adjustments to the chapter.

For instance, you might want to know whether the inclusion of a particular diagram influences your readers' ability to answer a practice quiz question correctly. To do this, you would simply (1) add the diagram and practice quiz to your original chapter, (2) create a flight (which copies the chapter), and then (3) edit the resulting flight to remove the diagram. User behaviors for each of the versions will then be tracked separately in the analytics section for each flight.

Manual Assignment

Each flight has its own unique URL and QR Code; the URL uses the following pattern: https://sitedomain/bookname/chaptername/flightnumber

You can manually send users to this flight by sharing it to an email list, on your learning management system, and so forth, but general readers will never be directed to the flight.

Automatic Assignment

All readers who view the chapter will be randomly assigned to either the original chapter or one of the flights.

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