Lifelike Text-to-Speech

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To improve accessibility and usability of content, we use Amazon's Polly neural network service to convert finished text to a lifelike recording, which may be embedded and listened to on any chapter or article page.

This is a one-time cost. However, if the content is updated, then the fee will need to be paid again to update the recording to match the new text.


Figure 1

Example of a Page with Text-to-Speech

example page with text-to-speech


~$1 per chapter (per conversion); actual costs will be calculated based on the number of characters

Disabling Text-to-Speech

If you would like to remove the text-to-speech file or prevent it from showing on the chapter, delete the content of the "External Audio" field in the chapter Settings. You can also replace the content of this field with a link to another fully-qualified URL, if you have a different recording you would like to use.


We use the voices provided by Amazon Translate. Not all Amazon voices may be available at present. If you would like to request a particular language or voice, please let us know.

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